Hanalei Bay board walk

Hanalei Coffee Roasters

Hanalei Coffee Roasters began in a century-old plantation house, just in front of the taro patch, in the town of Hanalei, Kauai.  Our mission at that time was to have the broadest selection of Hawaiian coffees on offer.  For 15 years we roasted and delighted in the process of educating our guests about Hawaiian coffees.  

Eventually, the roasting business outgrew the plantation house, and we sold the cafe so that we could focus on our primary interest:  roasting Hawaiian coffee. Fast forward to 2024 and we have firmly established ourselves at the top of the Hawaiian roasting food chain while remaining staunchly independent. We've done this by consistently delivering the best coffees we can roast and giving ourselves to the service of our clients.

From café hustle, to finding our feet. Through COVID and decades-high inflation. We remain on a growth trajectory because we love what we do and we want the world to share our passion for good times and good coffee.