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You won't believe the awesomeness we've got brewing here. Our Kona coffee is legit one of the world's finest, grown on Greenwell Farms by the Greenwell family since the mid-1800s. That's right, they've been perfecting the art of Kona coffee for over a century and a half! And let me tell you, it shows. Their farm has won more awards than you can shake a coffee bean at, and Greenwell is basically the king of the Hawaii Coffee Industry.

But it's not just about the history and accolades, folks. We've got the perfect growing conditions on the Kona Coast, combined with freshly roasted small batches of beans. That's why Hanalei Coffee Roasters' Kona Mist the absolute best. Trust us, this is the coffee that has visitors to Hawaii raving for days.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joanne Menard


Best coffee ever

This coffee is so good and I’m so glad it ships to the mainland. Low acidity and super smooth.

The quality of Hanalei Kona is unmatched

Years ago I wandered into a small coffee shop in Hanalei and treated myself to their 100% Kona roast. I was hooked. As a coffee lover I am always trying new origins and roasts but 10 years later nothing comes close. Can't make it their shop so I order the beans and bring a little Hanalei to Connecticut. Never disappoints. Please keep up your commitment to quality. It is a real treat.

Hanalei Coffee Roasters Kona Mist

I live in Texas and have been ordering from Hanalei for over ten years. I love their Kona coffee. People will drop by my house and ask for that awesome coffee. Nothing compares in my opinion. The flavor and richness is unsurpassed. Happy coffee drinker in Houston.

Steven McLean
Best Coffee in the World

I’ve been drinking this Kona for 10 years. Nothing else. It’s simply the best coffee I have ever had.