Kauai is a place that will truly capture your soul. Its beauty is undeniable but beyond that, Kauai is a mecca for many talented artists and craftsmen. Something about the raw elements and the unique culture of the most remote island in the Hawaiian chain seems to be an incubator for creativity. Here’s a list of some of our favorite local product makers that would make for the perfect gift or souvenir. 

Kauai-Made Art:

Kauai is home to more than its fair share of talented artists. The best way to find quality art on island is to explore our many art galleries. Our favorite is 'Ohanalei gallery, located in the heart of Hanalei. From locally made surfboards, to clothing, to wall art, the guys behind 'Ohanalei have curated an amazing collection of unique products that are deeply rooted in the history and culture of Kauai. 

Image of Art Gallery in Hanalei


Hawaiian Honey:

Kauai Bee Team is a non profit on a mission to restore the bee population here on Kauai. Not only that, they are producing some of the best tasting honey we’ve ever had. They also make some amazing skincare products from the honey they source. If you want to support a local business with a solid mission, these guys really care about the work they do and we can vouch for their authenticity. 

Image of Kauai Made Honey


Kauai-Made Clothing:

In the past few years, we’ve seen some rad new clothing lines pop up on island. A lot of this new wave has been driven by people deeply committed to making quality products with sustainably sourced materials. One of our favorites local brands to rock is Slow Yourself Down. Their shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and hand-dyed right here on Kauai. If you’ve visited Kauai in the last few years, you’ve probably noticed them being worn around town. If you don’t already own a tee from Slow Yourself Down, you definitely need to grab a few for yourself!

Image of Slow Yourself Down Tee


Hawaiian Coffee:

We can’t talk about the best Kauai made products without giving ourselves a shameless plug! As you probably already know, Hawaiian coffee is the absolute gold standard for the rest of the coffee world. Hawaii is known for its rich volcanic soil, which translates to exceptional coffee. The islands truly are a paradise for coffee growers.

Not only is the quality unparalleled, but when you purchase Hawaiian coffee, you are supporting the most ethically grown coffee there is on the planet. The international coffee industry is often shrouded in controversy surrounding the poor working conditions and questionable farming practices in many coffee growing regions around the world. Coffee from Hawaii is by default ethically grown. The standards and regulations for coffee growers in Hawaii ensure workers are paid living wages and the farms themselves are not causing permanent damage to the precious land they are built on.

We have been roasting coffee daily on Kauai for nearly a decade and working with some of the most prestigious growers in the world to deliver the best tasting coffee there is on the market. If you are looking to purchase a meaningful gift or souvenir from Kauai, a bag of freshly roasted coffee from Hanalei Coffee Roasters is the perfect thing for you.




When you take home a locally made souvenir from Kauai, you're carrying a piece of the island's natural beauty, culture, and spirit with you. Whether it's the rich flavors of Hawaiian coffee, the intricate craftsmanship of one of our local artists, or a sustainably made tee shirt, these souvenirs are more than just objects; they're connections to the memories and experiences you've had on this magical island. As you browse the local markets and boutiques, remember that the best souvenirs are the ones that capture the heart and soul of Kauai.

August 22, 2023 — Jesse McCann