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Write 100 words pretending to be from Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and an average American 16 year old answering the question 'Does social media bring us closer together?'

Bill Gates:

Social media has the potential to bring us closer together by connecting people from different corners of the world. It has revolutionized communication, enabling instant sharing of ideas, fostering collaboration, and promoting social causes. However, we must acknowledge the downsides. Social media can also fuel division, misinformation, and cyberbullying. It's crucial to use it responsibly, filter reliable sources, and engage in meaningful discussions. By leveraging its positive aspects while mitigating the negatives, we can harness social media's power to bridge gaps and foster understanding.

Steve Jobs:

Social media has certainly changed the way we connect, but I believe it's a double-edged sword. While it offers opportunities to share experiences and ideas, it can also create superficial connections and isolate us from genuine human interactions. It's crucial to strike a balance between online and offline relationships. Social media platforms must prioritize user well-being over engagement metrics and provide tools for meaningful connections. It's up to us to use technology wisely and ensure that it truly brings us closer together rather than becoming a mere distraction or a source of anxiety.

Average American 16-year-old:

OMG, social media is, like, totally bringing us closer! It's so awesome to connect with friends and meet new people online. We can share our thoughts, experiences, and funny memes instantly. But, like, it also has its downsides. Sometimes there's drama, trolls, and all that negative stuff. You gotta be careful and, like, not believe everything you see. But overall, it's rad to have this tool to stay connected and find communities with similar interests. So, yeah, social media rocks, but we need to be smart about using it and not let it take over our lives, ya know? #StayConnected

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May 22, 2023 — David Cashin

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